Manicure Monday: The Great Gatsby

I really shouldn’t be posting this. I should be working on my AP Stats or AP Chem project. I know, right? Who gives projects? It’s the flippin’ year end of the year! But I can’t help myself because today, I took a field trip to the movies! Since we took the APLAC test a couple of weeks ago, and we read The Great Gatsby, my teacher wanted to take us to see the new film adaptation. After reading the book, I wasn’t that impressed; I didn’t understand all the hype surrounding it. Because I didn’t find the book phenomenal, I wasn’t that excited about the movie either… Well until this weekend. My teacher saw the movie ahead of time and she said that it was good, and I heard the same from others. Because of this, I started thinking that maybe it would be better than the book. In honor of this, I decided to do a Gatsby inspired nail look!



The products I used to create this look were:


  • Polishes (left to right): Wet n Wild Ebony Hates Chris, Wet n Wild Fergie Gold Album, and Wet n Wild Fergie Going Platinum
  • A dotting tool
  • A nail striper
  • 1-2 paper reinforcement(s)  (not captured)

Haha! I just realized this looks like I’m being sponsored by Wet n Wild xD

For the designs on my pointer and pinky fingers, I watched this tutorial. Obviously, the tutorial tells you how to do the other fingers, but I didn’t have studs and I didn’t like the rest as much, so I decided to do my own thing. I kept my other fingers pretty simple. For the thumb, I just decided to do a half moon on the bottom of my nail. To do this, I used the paper reinforcement. First, I painted my finger with the gold polish, let it completely dry, cut a piece out of the paper reinforcement (to make it more flexible), placed it on my finger, then painted over it with black. For my middle finger, I did a simple french tip. Then, for my ring finger, I used a dotting tool and wrote the letters “GB.” In reality, I should have done “JG”, but I wasn’t thinking clearly. If you want to use Gatsby’s initials, I would suggest using the font from the poster.

The “JG” in this poster is a major motif in the the movie, for obvious reasons.

So that’s all for this look! It’s not my best, I actually struggled quite a bit, but it was fun! I’ve never really done a “themed” nail look.

Really quickly about the movie! If you didn’t like the book, I think you might still like the movie; I did! It’s not as slow as the book and I felt that the changes they made were smart and helped to further the plot. It also cleared up parts that I didn’t understand when I was reading the book. I cried a little, but I’m a pretty maudlin (that SAT vocab ;)) person. But I actually really liked the movie, though I probably couldn’t watch it all the time.

Okay, that’s all! I gotta get back to work! I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the week and I’ll try to have my Ipsy Bag: May 2013 post up this weekend!

Did you like the movie?


Christmas Nail Polish Haul and Mini Review (?)

Hey guys! HAPPY NEW YEARS!! Now that I’ve officially finished Gossip Girl, I decided that I wanted to do a nail polish haul and mini review(?). (The reason for the question mark is I’m not really sure much of a review I’ll end up giving, it may not even be helpful :P) Once again, sorry for the low quality photos, but hopefully they get the job done. Also, sorry for the streaky photos. Some of the polishes were kinda streaky, but for others, I was too impatient for the color to dry enough before adding another coat, which made them come out kinda yucky. I’ve never made a post like this and I don’t even know how to approach it, so it might be a bit sloppy. I’ll probably have formatting issue… Always, here’s the pictures!

Orly MagneticFX Nail Laquer: Paint on Electron; Ulta: Mint Condition, Bam-Blue-Zled; Wet n WIld Fergie Collection: Going Platinum, Gold Album

Orly MagneticFX Nail Laquer: Paint on Electron; Ulta: Mint Condition, Bam-Blue-Zled; Wet n WIld Fergie Collection: Going Platinum, Gold Album

Ulta Frost Bitten, Twice Shy Mini Set: To-boggan Shop, Eskimo Kisses, Snow Much to Do-So Little TIme,  In Hi-brr-nation, Hot Tottie Hottie

Ulta Frost Bitten, Twice Shy Mini Set: To-boggan Shop, Eskimo Kisses, Snow Much to Do-So Little TIme, In Hi-brr-nation, Hot Tottie Hottie

Essie Winter Collection 2012 Mini Set: Beyond Cozy, Where's My Chauffeur?, Leading Lady, Snap Happy, and Deborah Lippman: Let's Go Crazy

Essie Winter Collection 2012 Mini Set: Beyond Cozy, Where’s My Chauffeur?, Leading Lady, Snap Happy, and Deborah Lippman: Let’s Go Crazy

I guess, I’ll start by giving a small review of each product, or set of products?


1) I really liked this Orly polish, as you can tell it actually works, and there is some effect. The only thing that I    would have to complain about would be the magnet. It’s super tiny, and there is this little latch thing on it. I’m  not sure if it’s there to rest the tip of your nail on it to get as close as possible without touching the nail or what,  but I felt that it just got in the way. Also, like I said, the magnet is small and will only concentrate on the top 2/3  of the nail instead of the whole thing. So if you end up using this polish, I would just find a magnet that is  roughly the size of your thumb so that you’ll be able to get a full effect design.

2/3) These are both Ulta polishes, which I happened to get for free, and I love the colors. 2 is pretty mint green and 3 is a beautiful periwinkle-ish color. The only thing is that I found that they were sorta streaky. I’m not sure if I didn’t have enough product or what, but I found that using as few brush strokes as possible worked best. I ended up using two coats of 2, and 3 on 3.

4/5) I got these from a friend, and I was surprised; I didn’t know that Fergie had a nail polish collection. Anyways, right away, I was excited about the gold because I’ve been searching for a nice gold glitter. I wasn’t as excited for the silver one because they have so many silver/glittery colors and I thought it would just look the same as some of the others I’ve seen. After, applying two coats of each, I was very pleased. The glitter is very fine, which I liked.


6-10) Sorry the numbers are backwards, I didn’t think about the order as I was painting my nails. Anyways, these are Ulta polishes and some once again streaky, mainly the lighter colors like 7 and 8. 8 was the worst, with three coats you can still see parts of my nail.While I applied three coats of 8, I only two for the rest of the colors. I think my favorite color out of this set would have to be either 9 or 10. 9 is a dark heather-ish gray, and is a nice dark purple. 6 reminds me of Barney purple, 7 a very light, milky mauve-y color, and 8 an off white-ish milky blue.


11-14) These were all Essie colors, and when I saw these, I was super excited. I especially looked forward to trying on 12 and 13. 12 is a beautiful robin egg’s blue, but not quite the Tiffany’s kind, and 13 is gorgeous ruby color with matching glitter. I think 14 just looks like a light red, nothing too special.


When I was looking at 11 though, I was worried that it looked too much like 4, but once I applied the two, I saw that that wasn’t the case. While 4, has small, smooth glitters, 11 had bigger, slightly chunkier ones. Polish 4 is almost smooth to the touch and feels kinda like tinfoil and 11 feel roughers, kinda like styrofoam, if that makes sense…

15) I included 15 in this post, but I’ve decided to dedicate an individual post to since it’s a Deborah Lippman color, so look forward to that!

I hope you enjoyed this post and for those going back to school tomorrow like me, I hope you have a great last day of break!

~ Melissa