Ipsy Bag: May 2013

Hey guys! I know that we are well into the June, so I apologize for taking soo long to get this out. Hopefully, my June bag, which I just got today, will be up sometime within the next couple of weeks. With that being said, let’s get in to this bag!


So, this month theme was “Spring Fling” and the 5 items I received were:

  1. Zoya Nail Polish in Gie Gie
  2. Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss in Fig
  3. Pacifica Roll-On Perfume in Tahitian Gardenia
  4. Yaby Concealer in Vanilla
  5. NuMe Finishing Serum

Zoya Nail Polish ($8)

Gei Gei


When I first saw that I Zoya package in my bag, I was so stoked. I’ve never tried any Zoya products, so I was really looking forward to it. Unfortunately, this color was a bit of a disappointment. I’m not a big fan of sheer colors, and on top of that, I got a sheer pink last month. In general, this polish isn’t too bad. It’s actually a really pretty color with a gorgeous pearly finish, but I was hoping for a brighter, more opaque color since summer is around the corner. Aside from the color, I enjoyed this polish. It’s a low maintenance polish that goes on very smoothly.

Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss ($7.50)

juice beauty gloss

Upon opening the box and seeing this color, I was concerned. I was worried that this gloss was too dark and too mature for me. Though I had my doubts, when I tried it, I was very pleased. In reality, the color isn’t as dark as it appears to be in the tube. In the tube, the colors looks like a dusty, rusty, brownish color that old ladies would wear, but it’s more of a bronze-y, pinkish rose gold… If that makes sense. I’m horrible at describing things, but this gloss is beautiful and I like it. Unfortunately, it’s not very moisturizing and although it smells delicious, it tastes awful. On the plus side, it’s easy to work with. It has a simple doe foot applicator and isn’t sticky.

Pacifica Roll-On Perfume ($12)


I was excited when I received another Pacifica product this month! A couple of months ago, I got a body butter from them and I loved it. It smelled amazing! Since I got that lotion, I considered looking in to more items from them, but they are a tad pricey. This makes me so happy that I’ll be able to test out the perfume in a different scent this month. This scent is definitely a floral, which isn’t necessarily something I normally go for. It is described as a “sweet, smooth and slightly citrusy aroma [that] is reminiscent of Jasmine, Sweet Orange and Tea Leaves.” This scent isn’t my favorite, but the perfume is nice. I would say that it has average longevity but is moderately strong. Though the perfume is nice and I’ll be able to get a lot of use out of it, I think I would have preferred to get the Luminizing Body Butter.

Yaby Concealer ($4.85)


This concealer is my least favorite product this month. First off, the color is wayy off. I was thinking that this could have been my fault because I chose the wrong skin tone for my quiz, so I double checked what I put. I said that I had tan/olive colored skin and they gave me vanilla. Since this color is too light for my face, I decided that I would try to use it for my under eyes. When looking for an under eye concealer, you want it to be a couple of shades lighter than your actual skin tone, so I thought this would be perfect. Unfortunately, it was still too light for that. As a last resort, I’ve started using it as a highlighter after I apply my normal under eye concealer. As a type of highlighter/Eye Bright, it works relatively well. In general, this concealer is okay, but I wouldn’t repurchase it.

NuMe Finishing Serum (≈ $4.79)


I was a little bummed about getting this product because it was so similar to the hair serum I got last month. They literally have the same instructions! When looking at the bottle, I expected this to have the same consistency as oil, but it has more of a gel-like texture. If you look at this picture, it looks like I’ve used quite a bit, but I’ve probably only used it a handful of times. All in all, this serum does it’s job, but is nothing special.


I liked this month’s bag! Not only did I get a lot of useful full-sized products, but I felt like this was the first time the bags were personalized. When you first sign up, you take a quiz so that the company can get a feel for what products you would be interested in or need. Though they’ve had access to everyone’s personal information for a long time, I felt like everyone always got the same products. The only variation was in color. This month though, I came across many people that got different products, which I thought was pretty cool.

I hope you guys liked this post! Actually, let me know what you prefer. Do you like when I make a blog post right away and give first impression reviews or do you prefer them to be like this one, where I actually have time to fully review the products? Please let me know in the comments which you enjoy more!

Anyways, I hope that everyone is having a fun, safe summer and I promise to update as soon as I can!

What did you think of the May bag? What were your favorite products?


Julep Maven Unboxing: April 2013

Hey guys! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I’ve been really busy. I’ve had to worry about both normal testing and AP testing. With that being said, I’m not sure how much I’ll be posting over the next couple of months, but hopefully, I’ll be able to get a few posts in since this week is TAKS week.

So for this first post, I want to share my April Julep box with you guys. I actually got the box really early, it was at the end of March. That’s one thing I really like about Julep- you get the package before the month even starts. Anyways, I took pictures on my phone the instant I tore open the package, but I’ve been too lazy to make a formal post.

Now that the rest of this week is going to be relatively chill, I decided, why not post it now. So here we go!

This month’s theme was “Turn on the Brights.” To go along with the theme, they packaged the products in bright colored tissue paper and it just looked über cute.




This month’s bonus gift was a pink rock candy! Yum!

The boxes also now include the “Swatch Me!” Stickers. I’m not sure how long they’ve been doing this since my last order was in February, but it was a pleasant surprise for me. While I was glad that they sent the stickers, I wish they put them on a page so that you could peel them off yourself. Since they placed the sticker on the top, you would have to remove it swatch the color. Obviously, this isn’ that big of a deal, but it would help the stickers stay intact longer. Whatevs, I’m just a demanding person.


I chose this box over the others because the rest of them came with the new dry shampoo. While I appreciate dry shampoo and wouldn’t have minded trying it out, I would rather have nail polish. Since I didn’t choose a box with the dry shampoo, I got 3 nail polishes instead of the standard 2.


Left to Right: Abbie, Mackenzie, and Eden



This color is described as a “sunshine yellow créme with a neon créme finish.”

I actually really like this color. It’s unlike any yellows that I have, and unlike any that I’ve seen at the drugstore. The only thing is that this color is very sheer and you may need to apply more than 2 coats. You also need to make sure you use a base coat. I applied the color to a finger to test it out, but I was too lazy to take it off, so I kept it on for about a week. Once I removed it the color, if left my finger yellow, and it’s been that way for about 2 weeks now.


This one is described as a “sour apple green frost.”

I feel like this is a very accurate description. The “frost” is spot on since it has a pearly sheen to it. This too is unlike any green I’ve really come across. This color, like the yellow, is very sheer and can stain your nails.


This last polish is described as “a bright violet créme.”

This polish, out of the three, might be my favorite, but this might be due to my bias towards purple. I’m not sure I would categorize this color as a bright violet. Clearly, it is purple, but I think it’s more on the blue side. It has a matte looking finish, and I just really like it in general. This one doesn’t stain your nails and requires two coats.


One coat of each color


Two coats for each

Overall, I was very pleased with this box. I haven’t done an actual manicure with any of the colors yet, but I’m hoping that I’m able to do one soon.

What did you think of the April Box? Did you have any favorites?


Mini Nail Polish Haul

Hey guys, today is going to be a busy Monday, so I probably won’t be able to upload a Manicure Monday. I might not even have time for one this week, since I’m taking the SAT on Wednesday, and I have an AP Stats test on Friday.

Since I most likely won’t be able to have a MM this week, I decided to do a short post on the nail polish I got yesterday.

I got one from Target and 4 from HEB.


The L’Oreal one is from Target, and the rest are from HEB.


With flash so you can see the colors a little better.

Quick Swatches:



The colors I got were:


L’Oreal 400 Tangerine Crush

This was $4.99 at Target, but they’re slightly cheaper at HEB. I think they were $4.17.


The new Cover Girl Outlast Stay Brillant Nail Gloss in 125 Peaches and Cream


The same kind in 145 Lav-Endure.

Because these polishes are new, they are $4.94 at all stores, but you can find buy 2, get $3 off coupons in magazines. I got mine in the new Allure, but I know they also have them in People’s.


Revlon Nail Enamel in 260 Girly

I got this one for $1.17! It was originally priced at $3.67, but at HEB, they had a $2.50 off coupon for items over (I think) $3.50.


Orly Nail Lacquer in 40710 Pixie Dust

They only drugstore that I know of that sells Orly is HEB. Not only do they have a a decent selection of colors, they also always have the older ones on sale. This color was $1.99. Because of the “pixie” theme, there was even a little fairy charm that came with it. HEB also had other colors on sale, mainly pinks and reds.

So that’s the quick nail update for this week! Hopefully, I’ll be able to post again in a couple of days, but if not, I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the week!


Flower by Drew Barrymore

I went to Walmart for the first time in ages today and look what I saw. I figured that this would be there because itsjudytime already posted a picture on Instagram, but I wasn’t 100% sure it would be at this particular location because the one near my house sucks.


I was really interested in taking a look at all these products. Unfortunately, there weren’t any prices on any of the items! On top of that, some genius decided to rip off all the self service price scanners, but leave the “Can’t find a price? Scanner Here >” signs. This same person apparently decided that the whole Walmart was only allowed to have one price scanner, near the fitting rooms, that required an attendent.

Anyways, enough of my ranting on how awful Walmart is. The products from this line are surprisingly expensive. Originally, I picked up a few products to check the prices and ended up putting all but one back.

The first product I wanted to try was the face primer. Along with this primer, they also have tinted moisturizers and BB Creams, which I also wanted to try. The primer ended up being around $13.


1 oz/ 28g

I also really wanted to get these nail polishes! The lavender is so pretty, but the blue didn’t come out correctly on camera. These were roughly $5 for .4 FL OZ/ 12 mL. I honestly don’t think that that’s too pricey, but I really need to stop buying nail polish, so I let it go.


I Lavendare You and Good Bud-Dy


This is what the blue is really supposed to look like; it’s more of a turquoise.


Some other colors they had.

Another part of the line are their cream eyeshadows. I feel like with this product, Flower was trying to combine two well established products. You can’t help but realize the similarities with this product and L’Oreal’s Infallible 24 Hr Eyeshadow and Maybelline’s 24 Hr Color Tatoo. I wasn’t particularly interested in these, but they are $8.



As you can see, the packing looks a lot like the Infallible 24 HR Eyeshadows from L’Oreal.

Last but not least- lip products. I have so many that I didn’t bother looking at these for too long. This line has lipsticks, lip glosses, lip liners and lip butters, which are all $7. There are also  lip tints, which are $8 though I didn’t see them at my Walmart. Another item that I don’t remember seeing are the Petite Fleurs Pocket Triplets. Apparently, they are “stackable sets of three bullets for product”, kinda like those erasers that when one gets used up, you just pull it out and insert it in the bottom and a brand new one comes up.
130219_0011 130219_0012

They also have three different mascaras, which I didn’t get pictures of- except one, the one I bought! I got this one because it is something I’ve never come across before. Now this mascara was little pricey, about $8, but it I think it will totally be worth it. Check this bad boy out!


Zoom-In Ultimate Mascara

This mascara is a three in one! It literally has three different wands in one tube! Just typing about it is making me excited! The first wand is for volumizing, the second curling, and the third lengthening. So according to the packaging, you just twist a knob on the tube and it changes the wands. AHH! I CAN’T GET OVER HOW COOL THAT IS! Naturally, I plan on doing a more in-depth review once I test out the product!

In general, I think these products are on the pricier side (at least for me, a high schooler with no job). I think it’s a combination of being created by a celebrity, being a new line, and having beautiful packaging. Just looking at the pictures, you can tell that much of the cost is due to the packaging. Especially if you saw the loose powders! Omg, those things were massive. I obviously can’t comment on the quality of the products because I haven’t used any, but hopefully I’ll be able to try more than just the mascara!

Have you tried any items from this line? Which ones did you enjoy?

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Melissa

Julep Maven Unboxing: Starter Kit

A couple of weeks before this, I was posting more frequently. This not because I had more time, but that I had finally created a “system”. I’ve figured out that it’s easiest to create posts in separate steps instead of doing it all in one sitting. I’ve found that what works best is if I take the pictures when I first get the products, then type up the bodies on another day. Then, on another day, I throw it all together. That’s basically what I had been doing my last couple of posts, and I think this process really helps.

I’ve actually had the pictures for this unboxing since I first got the package in the mail, which feels like it was ages ago, but I haven’t taken the time to type up the post because I find it takes me a REALLY long time. But despite this, I’m here bringing it to you today.

Because this was my first Maven Box, or “starter kit”, I only paid $4.99 excluding taxes and shipping. At first this is deceiving because I got an email saying that I could get my box for 1 cent, which is why I first decided to get a subscription. Granted, that was too good to be true, but paying a little over $5 is better than the usual $20. With all that being said, if I had an actual job, I wouldn’t mind paying the $20 because you get a decent amount of products.

Once again, if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen the products that I’ve gotten, but here are some individual pics.

julep box

julep box 2

julep box 3

When I originally paid the $5, I thought I was getting the two polishes plus the cuticle oil, so I was surprised to find the two glitter pots. All in all, I’m very happy with my purchase. I love the colors, and I love the flexibility of Julep Maven boxes. I think it’s pretty cool that you can choose certain sets, or that you can even gift them if you wanted to.

Onto the products themselves, I haven’t used the glitter pots yet, but I’m sure I will eventually. I also haven’t used the cuticle oil because I already have an open one that I want to finish first, but I thought that it this particular one was cool because it has a roller ball applicator, which was surprising. Lastly, the nail polishes. Here are pictures of the colors on:


The brown-taupe-ish color looks better in person. It’s actually more mauve-y. In this picture, the navy looks black, but in better lighting, the color is true. These are easily the nicest polishes I’ve ever used. They are nice and creamy and go on beautifully. Also, the brush isn’t too thin or too thick and it makes application much easier. I really do love these polishes. After getting these, I’ve been wanting to get more, and hopefully, I’ll be able to soon!

Once again, I wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog and if you’re a Maven, let me know which colors you’ve gotten and which ones are your favorite!

~ Melissa

Christmas Nail Polish Haul and Mini Review (?)

Hey guys! HAPPY NEW YEARS!! Now that I’ve officially finished Gossip Girl, I decided that I wanted to do a nail polish haul and mini review(?). (The reason for the question mark is I’m not really sure much of a review I’ll end up giving, it may not even be helpful :P) Once again, sorry for the low quality photos, but hopefully they get the job done. Also, sorry for the streaky photos. Some of the polishes were kinda streaky, but for others, I was too impatient for the color to dry enough before adding another coat, which made them come out kinda yucky. I’ve never made a post like this and I don’t even know how to approach it, so it might be a bit sloppy. I’ll probably have formatting issue… Always, here’s the pictures!

Orly MagneticFX Nail Laquer: Paint on Electron; Ulta: Mint Condition, Bam-Blue-Zled; Wet n WIld Fergie Collection: Going Platinum, Gold Album

Orly MagneticFX Nail Laquer: Paint on Electron; Ulta: Mint Condition, Bam-Blue-Zled; Wet n WIld Fergie Collection: Going Platinum, Gold Album

Ulta Frost Bitten, Twice Shy Mini Set: To-boggan Shop, Eskimo Kisses, Snow Much to Do-So Little TIme,  In Hi-brr-nation, Hot Tottie Hottie

Ulta Frost Bitten, Twice Shy Mini Set: To-boggan Shop, Eskimo Kisses, Snow Much to Do-So Little TIme, In Hi-brr-nation, Hot Tottie Hottie

Essie Winter Collection 2012 Mini Set: Beyond Cozy, Where's My Chauffeur?, Leading Lady, Snap Happy, and Deborah Lippman: Let's Go Crazy

Essie Winter Collection 2012 Mini Set: Beyond Cozy, Where’s My Chauffeur?, Leading Lady, Snap Happy, and Deborah Lippman: Let’s Go Crazy

I guess, I’ll start by giving a small review of each product, or set of products?


1) I really liked this Orly polish, as you can tell it actually works, and there is some effect. The only thing that I    would have to complain about would be the magnet. It’s super tiny, and there is this little latch thing on it. I’m  not sure if it’s there to rest the tip of your nail on it to get as close as possible without touching the nail or what,  but I felt that it just got in the way. Also, like I said, the magnet is small and will only concentrate on the top 2/3  of the nail instead of the whole thing. So if you end up using this polish, I would just find a magnet that is  roughly the size of your thumb so that you’ll be able to get a full effect design.

2/3) These are both Ulta polishes, which I happened to get for free, and I love the colors. 2 is pretty mint green and 3 is a beautiful periwinkle-ish color. The only thing is that I found that they were sorta streaky. I’m not sure if I didn’t have enough product or what, but I found that using as few brush strokes as possible worked best. I ended up using two coats of 2, and 3 on 3.

4/5) I got these from a friend, and I was surprised; I didn’t know that Fergie had a nail polish collection. Anyways, right away, I was excited about the gold because I’ve been searching for a nice gold glitter. I wasn’t as excited for the silver one because they have so many silver/glittery colors and I thought it would just look the same as some of the others I’ve seen. After, applying two coats of each, I was very pleased. The glitter is very fine, which I liked.


6-10) Sorry the numbers are backwards, I didn’t think about the order as I was painting my nails. Anyways, these are Ulta polishes and some once again streaky, mainly the lighter colors like 7 and 8. 8 was the worst, with three coats you can still see parts of my nail.While I applied three coats of 8, I only two for the rest of the colors. I think my favorite color out of this set would have to be either 9 or 10. 9 is a dark heather-ish gray, and is a nice dark purple. 6 reminds me of Barney purple, 7 a very light, milky mauve-y color, and 8 an off white-ish milky blue.


11-14) These were all Essie colors, and when I saw these, I was super excited. I especially looked forward to trying on 12 and 13. 12 is a beautiful robin egg’s blue, but not quite the Tiffany’s kind, and 13 is gorgeous ruby color with matching glitter. I think 14 just looks like a light red, nothing too special.


When I was looking at 11 though, I was worried that it looked too much like 4, but once I applied the two, I saw that that wasn’t the case. While 4, has small, smooth glitters, 11 had bigger, slightly chunkier ones. Polish 4 is almost smooth to the touch and feels kinda like tinfoil and 11 feel roughers, kinda like styrofoam, if that makes sense…

15) I included 15 in this post, but I’ve decided to dedicate an individual post to since it’s a Deborah Lippman color, so look forward to that!

I hope you enjoyed this post and for those going back to school tomorrow like me, I hope you have a great last day of break!

~ Melissa