Back to School: Freshmen/Dorm Room Must Haves

Hey guys!

August is just around the corner, which means school. Generally, thinking of August and fall would cause me to sigh and groan, but this year is different. This fall, I’m starting my first year of college! I feel both anxious and excited and honestly can’t wait until I get to move in! In order to prep for moving in, I’ve been doing some dorm shopping recently. After buying new things and creating a packing list, I decided to compile a small list of things that I feel are essential for a college freshman.




1. Urban Decay Naked Palette, $54.00

Though UD Naked palettes are pricey, they’re definitely worth the splurge. With a single palette, you would be able to create looks for any event. A house party, a frat party, date night, a casual dinner, an everyday look, whatever you need. With three palettes available to choose from, I would advise going to your local Sephora or Ulta and to test out the shades against your inner wrist, so you can figure which is the right one for you.

2. Flipper Hello Kitty Hanging Toothbrush Holder, $6.00

I received my toothbrush holder one year as a Christmas gift, and I have loved it ever since. The holder comes with strong suction cups that can stick to any mirror. Not only does this add a flare of cuteness to your room, but it saves space and is more sanitary than a standard toothbrush holder.

3. Sterilite 3 Drawer Organizers, $4.99-12.99

I personally have two of these, a small one and a medium sized one. The small one currently holds my makeup products, and I plan to use the larger one for clothes or food. The top of each of these also offer a nice sturdy surface to store other items. If your bed can be lofted, it would be really easy and convenient to attach the wheels, on the larger one, and store it under your bed. The medium sized drawer, pictured above, is actually on sale in-store at Target for $10.99

4. Equip Your Space Organizer Desk Lamp, $19.99

I got this lamp the other day at Bed Bath & Beyond; it’s actually the coolest thing. Not only does it offer light, but it also has compartments to store knick knacks or desk supplies. On top of that contains a USB charger to charge smartphones and tablets, and a outlet to charge any other electronics. If you go out to get this lamp, don’t forget your coupons!

5. Sisal Shower Glove, $7.35

I have a glove that I got from Bath & Body Works years ago, and I still use it to this day. I like gloves better than loofahs or sponges because they are a bit more abrasive and ensure that my skin is getting a good polish. You can also throw them into the washing machine when they get dirty, instead of having to throw them out and purchase a new one when it falls apart.

6. Glade Wax Warmer, $9.93

Wax warmers are a great alternative to candles since many dorms don’t allow them. My school doesn’t allow anything that operates with a flame, so this is a nice thing to have to create a warm, homey feel. It also keeps your place smelling fresh since the air in the room can become stagnant. No matter what you do, make sure your school allows warmers!

7. FRESHeTECH Splash Shower Tunes BluetoothWaterproof Shower Speaker, $39.95

I’ve used this twice so far, and I love it! This is great, especially if you have a private bath or live in an apartment, but don’t let that stop you if you have community bath! Have no shame! Sing loud; sing proud! This speaker connects with any bluetooth device, and offers great sound quality.


Those are some of the items I’m making sure to pack with me in a couple of weeks. I hope this small list helps you with your back to school shopping! For those starting school in the fall, whether it be college, middle school, or anything in between, I hope this year is the best one yet!

♡ Melissa

Let me know in the comments what items you can’t live without for the upcoming school year!

Back to School: Random Must Haves


all images are from Google

1. True Blue Spa Heel of Approval: Cracked Heel Treatment

I don’t know about you, but my feet need all the help they can get after a long, hot, sandal summer. In the summer months, I only wear flip flops. This means that my heels get dry and cracked, which is a bad combination for a picker like me. This treatment re-moisturizes my feet and returns them to their former glory.

2. GeLuscious Gel Moisturizing Socks

Since my feet are in such bad condition at the moment, I combine these with the heel treatment to speed up the healing process. These jelly-soled socks are really great and instantly make my skin feel softer. After I get out the shower, I apply the cream, pull on these socks, and lounge around. After about 30-60 minutes, I take them off and voilá! I have renewed feet!

3. Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturizer

This will be great for the days that I take morning showers. Normally, I skip moisturizing of these mornings, but now I won’t have to! Just a few spritzes all over my body, some rubs, and I’m ready to go. For more information, check out my review here!

4. Secret Clinical Strength Light and Fresh Antiperspirant

No one wants to be the smelly kid at school. That’s where this antiperspirant comes in! When used correctly (which means applied at night), this stuff is amazing! Not only does it keep you from funking up a room, but it keeps you dry. For me, getting sweaty pits is the most unpleasant feeling. I hate it. Not only do I feel gross, but I feel embarrassed and anxious about lifting my arms. With this product, I never have to worry about it!

5. Up & Up Nail Polish Remover Dip-It

I think this polish remover is the best thing ever invented. If you like to change your nail polish frequently, or even weekly, this is for you. This makes removing polish so fast and easy that it’s not even funny. You just stick your finger in, twist it a couple of times, and the polish is gone. I especially love this for when you only have to fix a select finger. Whenever I try to remove polish from one finger I end up smudging the rest. With this you don’t have to worry about fussing cotton balls, spills, or little, annoying cotton fuzzies sticking to your nails. You can go right on to painting your nails!

I hope you guys liked my first favorite-esque post! Let me know if you want more!

♡ Melissa