Manicure Monday: Pink October

It’s been a long time comin’, but I’m here now. And I’m ’bout to set your… computer on fire (I’m sorry, I just had to). It’s  been October for some time now, and in honor of that, I came up with a Breast Cancer Awareness manicure! This manicure is quick and easy, and is actually from last last last Monday, so I’m sorry it’s just coming out now.


My school’s H.O.S.A bracelet! “Big or Small Save Them All”

The Products


  • Base Coat/Top Coat- L.A. Colors Calcium Treatment/ Wet N Wild Fast Dry
  • White Polish- Circus by Andrea’s Choice Reverso
  • Light Pink Polish- Sinful Colors Beautiful Girl
  • Dark Pink Polish- Love & Beauty
  • Dotting Tool
  • Nail Polish “Palette”

The Procedure

  1. Apply a base coat and paint all nails, except the accent, dark pink.
  2. Paint the accent nail white.
  3. Wait for the white to dry completely.
  4. Take your palette, a plate or a lid, and add a few dabs of the light pink polish.
  5. Turn your hand towards you, where the cuticle is facing away from you.
  6. Using the dotting tool, dab it into the light pink polish and make an “X” shape on your nail. Once that is done, connect the top of the “X” to create the pink ribbon.
    • If your curve connecting the line looks too thick and closes the “gap” in the ribbon, wait for it to dry some and then apply a small dot of white polish.
  7. Wait for the design to dry completely and then add a top coat.

I’m sorry I don’t have pictures to accompany this tutorial- it’s impossible to do it with a single person, but hopefully my instructions are clear enough if you decide to try it out. If the there are any questions, feel free to comment and I’ll try to help you out!

♡ Melissa

Manicure Monday

For this weeks Manicure Monday, I was inspired by this Gilly Hicks bag.


I tried to create the look by creating the same colors, but it came out awful, so I just took all the polish off. Instead I just decided to do a simple ombre with the colors I already had. This is the finished look!


The products I used were:


A makeup sponge, OPI No Spain No Gain, NYC Fuchsia Shock Creme, and a Love & Beauty polish that came in a trio for Breast Cancer Awareness


Nail polish remover, a Q-tip, and a synthetic makeup brush (optional).

All I did was paint a stripe of each polish on the sponge and dabbed it on my nails. 


The colors go lightest to darkest and I dabbed the darkest color to the base of my nail.

I made sure that my stripes overlapped a little so it would create a more natural transition. Also, make sure that your sponge is flat, not smashed together like mine. I took this picture after I did my nails, so my sponge is all messed up because I tried to clean it. If anyone has any tips for cleaning nail polish off of makeup sponges, please let me know!

Obviously, this is bound to get messy, so I cleaned the sides of my fingers with nail polish remover with my My Glam concealer brush. After that, I also used the Q-tip to get rid of any polish that was more stubborn. To clean my makeup brush, I took a paper towel and folded it a couple of times. Then I poured some nail polish remover in to it and brushed it back and forth on the towel.

So that’s all for this week’s Manicure Monday, sorry it was late! I hope you enjoyed this post!


Manicure Monday: Galaxy Nails

So for this week’s (late) Manicure Monday, I attempted to create galaxy nails. Despite being tardy to the party, I actually really like the trend. I’m not sure if I could pull of shorts and skirts, but I thought that I would definitely try out the nails. I’m also planning on making some shoes, so wish me luck with that!

I attempted these nails three times. The first time didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to do, so I did it again. After that, I wasn’t necessarily pleased, but I was too lazy to do these nails a 4th time. The nails don’t take long to create and all you need is either a beauty sponge or a eyeshadow sponge; I ended up using both. I feel like if you want more spontaneous/ messy blotches, you should use the beauty sponge, but if you want neater/small blotches the eyeshadow sponge is better since you have more control.


An old eyeshadow applicator and a small makeup sponge from Sephora.

The colors I ended up using for this look were Wet n Wild Ebony Hates Chris; Sally Hanson Complete Salon Manicure in Calypso Blue; Ulta Nail Lacquer in Snow Much to Do, Snow Little Time; Sinful Colors in 978 Amethyst; and a pink Love & Beauty polish from Forever 21. I also added glitter, to create a “starry” effect. To do this, I diluted Wet n Wild Hallucinate in an old NYC top coat.

Left to right: Ebony Hates Chris, Calypso Blue, Snow Much to Do-So Little Time, Amethyst, Love & Beauty pink

Left to right: Ebony Hates Chris, Calypso Blue, Snow Much to Do-So Little Time, Amethyst, Love & Beauty pink

Wet n Wild Hallucinate and the diluted version.

Wet n Wild Hallucinate and the diluted version.

My left hand, which I think looks better, which is strange since I am left handed.

My left hand, which I think looks better, which is strange since I am left handed.

My right hand.

My right hand.


This look was inspired by missjenfabulous, but obviously didn’t turn out nearly as good as hers. I improvised and found colors that were similar to the ones she used in the video, but they aren’t as vibrant. As always, I hope you enjoyed this post and if you try out galaxy nails yourself, comment below or link your pictures!

~ Melissa