Julep Maven Unboxing: April 2013

Hey guys! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I’ve been really busy. I’ve had to worry about both normal testing and AP testing. With that being said, I’m not sure how much I’ll be posting over the next couple of months, but hopefully, I’ll be able to get a few posts in since this week is TAKS week.

So for this first post, I want to share my April Julep box with you guys. I actually got the box really early, it was at the end of March. That’s one thing I really like about Julep- you get the package before the month even starts. Anyways, I took pictures on my phone the instant I tore open the package, but I’ve been too lazy to make a formal post.

Now that the rest of this week is going to be relatively chill, I decided, why not post it now. So here we go!

This month’s theme was “Turn on the Brights.” To go along with the theme, they packaged the products in bright colored tissue paper and it just looked über cute.




This month’s bonus gift was a pink rock candy! Yum!

The boxes also now include the “Swatch Me!” Stickers. I’m not sure how long they’ve been doing this since my last order was in February, but it was a pleasant surprise for me. While I was glad that they sent the stickers, I wish they put them on a page so that you could peel them off yourself. Since they placed the sticker on the top, you would have to remove it swatch the color. Obviously, this isn’ that big of a deal, but it would help the stickers stay intact longer. Whatevs, I’m just a demanding person.


I chose this box over the others because the rest of them came with the new dry shampoo. While I appreciate dry shampoo and wouldn’t have minded trying it out, I would rather have nail polish. Since I didn’t choose a box with the dry shampoo, I got 3 nail polishes instead of the standard 2.


Left to Right: Abbie, Mackenzie, and Eden



This color is described as a “sunshine yellow créme with a neon créme finish.”

I actually really like this color. It’s unlike any yellows that I have, and unlike any that I’ve seen at the drugstore. The only thing is that this color is very sheer and you may need to apply more than 2 coats. You also need to make sure you use a base coat. I applied the color to a finger to test it out, but I was too lazy to take it off, so I kept it on for about a week. Once I removed it the color, if left my finger yellow, and it’s been that way for about 2 weeks now.


This one is described as a “sour apple green frost.”

I feel like this is a very accurate description. The “frost” is spot on since it has a pearly sheen to it. This too is unlike any green I’ve really come across. This color, like the yellow, is very sheer and can stain your nails.


This last polish is described as “a bright violet créme.”

This polish, out of the three, might be my favorite, but this might be due to my bias towards purple. I’m not sure I would categorize this color as a bright violet. Clearly, it is purple, but I think it’s more on the blue side. It has a matte looking finish, and I just really like it in general. This one doesn’t stain your nails and requires two coats.


One coat of each color


Two coats for each

Overall, I was very pleased with this box. I haven’t done an actual manicure with any of the colors yet, but I’m hoping that I’m able to do one soon.

What did you think of the April Box? Did you have any favorites?


Julep Maven Unboxing: Starter Kit

A couple of weeks before this, I was posting more frequently. This not because I had more time, but that I had finally created a “system”. I’ve figured out that it’s easiest to create posts in separate steps instead of doing it all in one sitting. I’ve found that what works best is if I take the pictures when I first get the products, then type up the bodies on another day. Then, on another day, I throw it all together. That’s basically what I had been doing my last couple of posts, and I think this process really helps.

I’ve actually had the pictures for this unboxing since I first got the package in the mail, which feels like it was ages ago, but I haven’t taken the time to type up the post because I find it takes me a REALLY long time. But despite this, I’m here bringing it to you today.

Because this was my first Maven Box, or “starter kit”, I only paid $4.99 excluding taxes and shipping. At first this is deceiving because I got an email saying that I could get my box for 1 cent, which is why I first decided to get a subscription. Granted, that was too good to be true, but paying a little over $5 is better than the usual $20. With all that being said, if I had an actual job, I wouldn’t mind paying the $20 because you get a decent amount of products.

Once again, if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen the products that I’ve gotten, but here are some individual pics.

julep box

julep box 2

julep box 3

When I originally paid the $5, I thought I was getting the two polishes plus the cuticle oil, so I was surprised to find the two glitter pots. All in all, I’m very happy with my purchase. I love the colors, and I love the flexibility of Julep Maven boxes. I think it’s pretty cool that you can choose certain sets, or that you can even gift them if you wanted to.

Onto the products themselves, I haven’t used the glitter pots yet, but I’m sure I will eventually. I also haven’t used the cuticle oil because I already have an open one that I want to finish first, but I thought that it this particular one was cool because it has a roller ball applicator, which was surprising. Lastly, the nail polishes. Here are pictures of the colors on:


The brown-taupe-ish color looks better in person. It’s actually more mauve-y. In this picture, the navy looks black, but in better lighting, the color is true. These are easily the nicest polishes I’ve ever used. They are nice and creamy and go on beautifully. Also, the brush isn’t too thin or too thick and it makes application much easier. I really do love these polishes. After getting these, I’ve been wanting to get more, and hopefully, I’ll be able to soon!

Once again, I wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog and if you’re a Maven, let me know which colors you’ve gotten and which ones are your favorite!

~ Melissa