This is just a quick update! I wanted to make a Manicure Monday this week, but I’m weird. I have a love/hate relationship with nail art. Sometimes I wanna do it. Sometimes I don’t. Sometimes it stresses the crap out of me.

Besides that, I hope to have my June Ipsy Bag up soon along with a massive, collective haul. Well massive is a bit of an overstatement. It just feels like a lot because I spent a crapton. I actually bought a bunch, but I’m returning a few things. The haul will feature my purchases from Sephora, Threadless, Ebay, Gilly Hick’s Semi-Annual Sale, and a few items from Wet Seal and Shasa.

The stuff I got from Ebay is sort of old now, but I finally finished getting in everything that I wanted, so I figured I would just put it under one haul.

Lastly, I recently purchased a LivingSocial coupon for Driver’s Ed Online. The plan was for me to get my license when I turned 18, without having to take the class, but apparently, and unbeknownst to me and my father, Texas laws have changed! Evidently, you have to be 25 and up to just go to the DMV to get the license (Apparently, even feeling 22 wouldn’t be good enough). With this new tidbit of information, I figured that I would just try to get it done this summer so that I can get my license when I’m 18 and hopefully get a job during my senior year.

With that being said, if anyone (in Texas) is interested in an online driving course, you can check out my link:

So that it all. I just wanted to keep you guise on my super exciting life! I hope everyone is enjoying their Wednesday! Talk to you soon, hopefully, if I get my life together :P


Marshalls and T.J. Maxx Haul

Hey guys! Since we had half days a couple times this week due to standardized testing, I was able to go shopping for the first time in a while. I had been in the mood to go, so I asked my mom to take me to Marshalls. I wasn’t really expecting to get too much, but boy was I wrong. So first we went to Marshalls, and while I found some things, my mom didn’t, so she wanted to check out the newer T.J. Maxx near us.

In total, I got 5 pieces- 4 from Marshalls and 1 from T.J. Maxx.



  • Sheer Navy Polka Dot Top by B-Jewel (12.99)

Dolka dot and floral

The thing I really loved about this top was the floral detailing on the back. I have many shirts that are a similar style, but not one that combines both polka dots and florals.

  • Red and White Polka Dot Peplum Blouse by Monteau (12.99)


When I first saw this top, I snatched it up right away. I thought it was so cute. Upon inspection, it looked like it would be a tighter top so I decided to try on a medium. When I tried it on, it looked a little off. When I asked my mom her opinion, she said it was okay, but I really wanted it, so I asked if she thought a size down would help. She told me to go for it and I was so happy I did. Getting a small really did help.

  • Creme Lace Floral Peplum Blouse by A Diva (19.99)

Floral top

This was actually a last minute purchase. I was heading to the checkout line, when I saw it and picked it up. Since we were getting ready to leave, I didn’t bother trying it on; I assumed it would fit. Unfortunately, it’s a little bigger than I would like, so I’ll most likely return it. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find it in a x-small because this is a very cute top. Since it’s lace (or whatever), it has a built in tank and a full zipper back.If they had it in an x-small, I would probably keep it. *Note: This top is more expensive than the rest because it’s from the missy section not juniors.

  • Black Lace Cutout Dress by  Fire Los Angeles (15.00)

Black Dress

This dress was on sale and I absolutely love it. It was probably one of my favorite purchases. Normally, I try to avoid things that are cinched at the waist, since my waist is so short, but I loved the lace and the pockets so much that I thought I would give it a try. I was so happy I did! I love everything about this dress. The cinching fits fine, it’s the perfect length, and IT HAS POCKETS! It also has a really cute cutout in the back, which is something I wouldn’t normally be in to, but this one wasn’t too bad.

T.J. Maxx

  •  Black Lace Peplum Blouse by One Clothing (12.99)

Black Peplum

Since I already thought so much stuff at Marshalls, I didn’t expect to get anything at T.J. Maxx. I didn’t even plan on looking, but my mom went to look, so I did too. After browsing for a little while, I came across this baby. I was little apprehensive because it was a small, but I tried it on anyways. In the dressing room, I was pretty sad because I couldn’t even get the top all the way over my arms. Luckily, I noticed the side zipper and everything was okay. Unfortunately, this top is a little tight, it kinda rides up a little, but it’s pretty flattering and I couldn’t pass it up. It’s just so freakin cute. Also, the back is all lace, so obviously, you can see my bra. That’s the only true dilema. If anyone has any tips on what I should do, please let me know!

So that’s all for this haul! I figured I would try something a little different from laying all the clothes on the floor! I hope you liked this post and if you’re interested in either dolka dots, florals, peplum, or a combination of the three, I advise you to check out your local Marshalls/T.J. Maxx! I’m sure you’ll be able to find something.

What item did you like the most? Have you found anything cute at either of these stores lately?


Gilly Hicks and Old Navy Haul

On Sunday, before going to see Demi at the rodeo, I went to the Galleria with my cousin to make some returns. We went to Old Navy and Gilly Hicks.

At Old Navy, they had a 30% off sale (on certain items) and I believe she also got an extra $15 off off of a purchase of $50 or more. She ended up getting me two things:


Baseball Shirt $7.50 each for two or more; normally $12.50 each

They had this shirt in a few colors. They had different sleeve and stripe color combos. They also had colored sleeves with plain bodies.


Polka Dot Rock Star Jeans on sale for $8.99! They were originally $34.50.

I may return these. I’m not really sure. I got these in a 4 because that was the only size they have, but I normally wear a 2. They are kinda baggy around my knees. Who know? Maybe I’ll cut them.

Next, I returned 2 items and then picked up a few more from Gilly Hicks. They also had a sale and I also had a 20% off coupon and tons of store credit.


A white tank top with lace detailing on the back. On sale for $12.00, I got it for $9.60, originally $17.50


Racerback and lace detailing


2 bralettes on sale for $15.00 each, I got them for $12.00, originally $15.50


These are also racerback. I got them in a medium so that I would still be able to wear a bra with them.


Floral detailing

They had these bralettes in a few colors. They had white, turquoise, navy, lavender  and maybe neon green along with some others. They also had neon bralettes that were a different style. I might return these too. I like them, but I’m honestly not sure when I’d wear them. If anyone has any tips on how they would style these, let me know!


Chunky knit sweater originally $39.50, on sale for $25.00, I paid $20.00

 I really like this sweater. It’s really oversized, so I got mine in a xs. At first I was worried because I thought that the bagginess would highlight how broad that I am and that I would look stupid, but it doesn’t look too bad. Also, since it’s knit, it has a bunch of holes in it, which I like. I’ll be able to wear this over tanks and shoulder bearing shirts at school so that I stay in “dress code” without having to worry about getting too hot.

So that’s it for this post, nothing too exciting. For those of you that are out for spring break, I hope you enjoy your week off and for those no longer in school, I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend! Since I have the week off, I’ll try to get 3-4 posts put out!


Post Christmas and New Year’s Haul

Hi!! So I know that I haven’t created many posts that I said I might in here, but I finally got around to doing my first Manicure Monday, so I’m making progress!

On another note, I hope that everyone is enjoying the new year so far, and that school/work hasn’t already managed to stress ya’ll out! So far, school hasn’t been too bad for me, but I know it’s only a short matter of time until things get really hectic. With that in mind, I decided that, while I had some free time, I was going to post my post holidays haul. I ended up getting some stuff from Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Sephora, Gilly Hicks, and American Eagle.

First, I’ll start off with the items that I got from Forever. To be honest, I’m not really sure how I feel about the store anymore. Whenever I stop by the mall, I always make a trip there, but I find that I either walk out empty handed or only with jewelry and other beauty stuff. I rarely purchase clothes. I think the reason for this is that going there is too much for me. With so many sections that all focus on different styles, I think I get overwhelmed. Also, I find that the things I do like are not as affordable as you would think, especially since I wouldn’t say that Forever clothes are of the highest quality. On top of that, they have the worst return policy. With all that being said, the items I ended up purchasing were necklaces at $4.80 each.


 Next, I got 2 shirts and 2 jewelry pieces from Charlotte Russe. Both the shirts I ended up getting were on sale (the denim one was $15 and the patterned one was $10), and the jewelry was 2 for $10. After shopping here shortly after going to Forever, I feel like I like C.R. more. Yes, they don’t have as much variety, and yes it’s basically like Forever and Wet Seal and Agaci and Shasa, but they offer more discounts. Not only do they offer 10% off your purchase when you sign up for their text messages, but they also offer 10% off all purchases if you’re either a student or a part of the military! I think that great, because they are really supporting the demographics that shop there, and who doesn’t like t0 save money? On top of that, they let you return jewelry that may have been pulse purchases and have a normal return policy of 30 days.

CR jewelry


Floral Lace

I’ll be the first to admit that I was slow on the denim trend, so if you’re like me, head over to C.R. because you should be able to find some affordable tops for $10-15 with an additional 10% off!

When I sent to Sephora, I only purchased one item, but I also received another one with 100 Beauty Insider Points. I bought the Clarisonic Replacement Heads Twin- Pack. I picked Deep Pore Cleansing Brush for $40. Before this one, I had the Normal one, and that one was pretty soft. This one is a bit more rough and abrasive, but that is to be expected. Some people may be worried about if this is too rough to use daily, and for me, I find that using it once a night, is fine for my skin. The item that I got with my points was a mini Clinique Acne Solutions set. This set included a cleansing bar for face and body, a clarifying lotion, and an oil free clearing moisturizer.



I’ve been obsessed with knit sweaters lately. Like super obsessed. I also love the baggy slouchy look, but unfortunately it doesn’t always work out for me because I’m too broad. Despite that, when I went to Gilly Hicks (my future summer job :P) for their semi annual sale, I saw these cute, long knit sweaters. Unfortunately, they were more than I was willing to pay, but my cousin stopped by the next week and said that everything in the store was 25% off. The sweaters we wanted were originally $44.50, but my cousin said that she ended up paying around $20, which isn’t as bad (I’m not sure why they were $20; I’m aware that that is more than 25% off). Anyways, I love this sweater. I got a size small but I’m not sure if an x-small would have been better because it’s sorta long. It hits me at about mid thigh, but I’m only 4’11.75″.

red sweater

Lastly, I went to American Eagle where I think I made my favorite purchase! The only reason I walked in the store was because I still had a gift card from last Christmas and they were having a 50% off sale. I never really get anything there because I feel like the clothes aren’t worth the price, but, I always look at the sale section. I usually never see anything I’m crazy about, but this time was different. When I walked in, I immediately saw a really cute shirt. I looked at the price tag and saw that it was on sale. I was ecstatic because it was priced at $24.99 with an additional 50% off. Before I actually got in line, I wanted to double check the price, and unfortunately, the extra 50% didn’t apply to it. At first, I was bummed out and put the shirt back, but once my mom got to the store I showed it to her and she convinced me to try it on, saying that the price wasn’t too bad. After trying it on, I was sold. With the gift card, I only had to pay like $2 extra, so I was okay with that since I figured I most likely wouldn’t have used the gift card on anything else.

cutout shirt

So, if you’re still with me, I hope you enjoyed this post. Sorry it’s so wordy; when I type, I tend to write like a talk, so there’s a lot of extra fluff in there. Anyways, if you’ve made any purchases this year, feel free to let me know in the comments; I would love to hear about things you got!

~ Melissa

Back to Blogging

I know I promised that with the time off, I would be posting frequently, but I’ve been distracted with catching up on things that I haven’t gotten to do since school started. The main thing being getting up to date on Gossip Girl. Since the show is now over, I’ve taken the time during my break to have a marathon. The only thing is that with blogging being the main part of the show, I felt like I should be updating my blog. While my blog doesn’t contain juicy information about “the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite”, I hope you enjoy this post anyways. So now that I’m done rambling, here is my Ulta and Katy Mills Haul!

I got a few things at Ulta, but most of the items were Christmas gifts. These were all the items I got, with some close-ups. Obviously the book wasn’t part of the haul, but I wanted to add some holiday spirit to my photo.

The products I bought:

  • Frost Bitten, Twice Shy Ulta Nail Polish Set
  • Ulta Nail Polishes in Mint Condition and Bam-Blue-Zled
  • Orly MagneticFX Nail Laquer in Paint on Electron
  • Ulta Beauty Smoothie Mini Set in Coco Velvet Truffle
  • .45 oz Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant
  • Riviera Headband


From left to right: To-boggan Shop, Eskimo Kisses, So Little Time, Snow Much to Do, In Hi-brr-nation, Hot Tottie Hottie

From left to right: To-boggan Shop, Eskimo Kisses, So Little Time, Snow Much to Do, In Hi-brr-nation, Hot Tottie Hottie


dsc043241After that, we headed off to Katy Mills.

First we stopped at Off 5th: Saks Fifth Avenue, and there I got a pair of Lucky Brand flats for $42.21. Unfortunately, after wearing them around the house, I think I may return them.

lucky flats


Next, we stopped by Victoria’s Secret where they were having a 30% off sale on college gear. The sweater ended up being $35.40, with the original price being $54.50

longhorn sweater

The last two places I ended up getting stuff from were A&F Brand Factory Store and Marshalls. They were having a 30% off sale on all items at the A&F store, so I got the most stuff there.

The items I purchased:

  • 2 pairs of woven shorts for $9.03, on sale for $12.90, originally for $78
  • Women’s sweatpants for $20.93, on sale for 29.90
  • A windbreaker/rain jacket for $27.93, on sale for 39.90, originally for $80
  • 2 flowy cream colored shirts with lace detailing from the brand Pearl for $12.99
  • Pair of egg shell white lace shorts from the brand Sans Souci for $10

Plaid Shorts



Lace Top 2

Lace Top


Lace Shorts

So that’s all the stuff I ended up getting! I hope you enjoyed this haul, and if you have any questions about any of the items I purchased, feel free to ask!

~ Melissa