Review: Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturizer

The Packaging

Obviously, the appeal of this product is that it’s in a spray bottle. The bottle is similar to those that spray and rub sunscreen is kept in. The bottle has a twist cap that prevents spraying when locked. It also has a nozzle dispenser that can get clogged. The way to solve this is the same way you would fix a bottle of hairspray, just rinse it with water. This product is surprisingly light and nice for travel purposes.

The Product

The moisturizer I chose was the yellow one, which is Pure Oat Extract. It has a slight scent when first sprayed and rubbed in, but fades as time goes by. Though this product is said to be non-greasy, I still had my doubts. When I first tested it out, I was happy to find out that this was true! I absolutely love this product! It really does cut time out of my routine and actually moisturizes the majority my skin (it doesn’t really help with my dry patches). Though it doesn’t improve the few dry patches that I have, it moisturizes the rest of my skin and prevents me from looking ashy. On top of that, it absorbs into the skin quickly so that clothes can be thrown on after (though not as immediately as in the commercial :P). I’ve been using this product for about a month and haven’t had any problems, like rashes or break outs. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help with my “chicken skin,” but I never expected it to. Overall, I would say that if you have normal to slightly dry skin this would be a good product for you, but if you have severely dry skin, I would get a moisturizer with a cream formulation.

The Price  

At first, I was skeptical about trying out this product because I assumed it would be expensive. Unfortunately, I was right. It’s roughly $6, depending on where you look. It may not seen expensive to some, but considering you’re getting only 6.5 oz of product, I think it’s a tad pricey, especially when you can get a 32 oz bottle of Vaseline lotion for about $7. In general, I think it’s a cool product to try and it works, but I probably won’t repurchase it every time I’m out, whenever that time comes (I can’t tell how much I have left!). I say that if it intrigues you, give it a try! Here is a $2 off coupon that can be applied at WalMart.

The Summary

I like this product and think it’s especially good for those that hate putting on lotion or take showers in the morning and have to rush out the door. I will be best for those that have normal skin that isn’t extremely dry. In my opinion, it is on the more expensive side, but with a coupon, I find it’s not that unreasonable.

3.8/5 stars

That’s it for this review! I know I said I would review a while back, but I wanted to throughly test it out first. I hope that you guys found this helpful!

♡ Melissa

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