Manicure Monday: Lav-Endure and Mint Condition

This is just another quick update, since I haven’t posted in a while. So, I actually painted my nails yesterday, but since I have a crappy top coat, they started chipping this morning. Since there were already chipped, I kept picking at them throughout the day. When I got home today, I decided to redo them ago. Instead of sticking to a single color like I did last time, I decided to paint an accent finger. Unfortunately, this isn’t my best mani because I was painting my nails in bad lighting, while trying to watch The Voice. On top of that, I kept fast forwarding it since we were watching the recording and kept smudging the polish. With all of these things, plus a old, thick top coat, the manicure came out kinda clumpy. Despite the poor job, I wanted to post this since I haven’t done a manicure in a while and I was too lazy to take off all the polish and start again.




Lav-Endure by Cover Girl and Mint Condition by Ulta


So sorry for the lack for nail posts, I’ve just been kinda lazy lately. I know this isn’t my best post, but I felt like I owed it to you guys since my last Manicure Monday was like a month ago! I hope you enjoy it anyways :)


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